The March for Science – South Bend resident photographer, Brigitte Dee Fries of D. Lilas Photography, is embarking on a “Humans of New York“-style portrait series of community scientists and science enthusiasts in the Michiana community.

The goal of this project is twofold:

  1. To humanize scientists and science advocates, to deconstruct the image of what people think scientists “look” like, and create a portrait of science in our community — as it truly is.
  2. To tell the stories of the pursuit of science, and how science matters every day, in our community.

We are seeking to be inclusive with this project.
A potential subjects of one of our portraits do not have to be scientists; they can be someone who teaches science, is very enthusiastic about it, or has a personal science story to tell. This project seeks to capture scientists and science advocates as they truly are: diverse in race, sexual orientation, (a)gender identity, ability, religion, age, occupation, socioeconomic status, and immigration status.

We encourage you to think “outside the box” in your nominations. Do you have a professor who does fascinating work? Do you or your child have a teacher or camp counselor who has a unique approach to getting kids jazzed about science? Do you know someone whose quality of life was greatly improved by biomedical innovation? Perhaps a friend or interesting acquaintance who has overcome the odds to pursue a career in science, or done work in the community to highlight the challenges some people face in pursuing a career in STEM? This is a project by and for this community, so we encourage you to make it yours.

Would you like to nominate someone? (Yes, you may nominate yourself!) We have set up a submission form by which community members can nominate others (or themselves!) be profiled for this project. Brigitte will contact you and your friend, and arrange to meet with them in a setting where they feel comfortable, to take their portrait and get their story.

Nominate someone here!