March for Science – Coming to South Bend!

The March for Science is coming to South Bend!

If you would like to volunteer for the South Bend satellite march, please use this form to tell us who you are and what you want to help with. We are grateful for your time and respect the fact that most of us are volunteering in addition to full-time jobs, so we have provided a space where you can indicate the number of hours you are available per week.

The teams we really need to build right now are:

  • Funding/Fiscal Partnership — People experienced in “cold calling” and negotiating with organizations or companies, running kickstarters/GoFundMes/Indiegogos, or venture philanthropy. This team also needs to hear from people who have connections to local and state institutions/foundations/individuals who may be interested in supporting us financially.
  • PR — We need people who are experienced with public relations or the media. They will guide the Social Media team as well as guide our traditional media strategy.
  • Missions — 5-7 people who will help shape “who we are.” This team should represent a diversity of backgrounds.
  • Diversity and Accessibility — Access to science begins with full representation and inclusivity, and at all levels. This committee will work with the other committees to hold us accountable and make sure that NO ONE is excluded from this event.
  • Operations — We need someone experienced in MailChimp (or something similar) who can help us set up an email mailing list, as well as help with data entry, internal communications, coordinating volunteers, and cheerleading!!

Areas that aren’t yet urgent, but still need volunteers:

  • Social media — This team needs people with experienced with marketing and public relations, as well as young adults to help with Snapchat and Instagram.
  • Web Development — At the very least, we need a WordPress page, but if you’ve got mad skills and would like to donate them, that’s awesome!
  • Graphics/Branding — We can develop our own “version” of the “atom” logo that can be used on t-shirts. Graphics will also help develop signage, flyers, etc. and work with the Social Media team on developing science “memes” etc. to post on Instagram.

Thanks everyone for volunteering your time… for science!

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