If you can’t attend the March…

Thanks to the science of meteorology, we’re expecting some rain on Saturday. We hope it will be over by the time of the March. Either way, however, the March goes on!

If you’re unable to attend the March this year, here’s something you could do instead:

Call your Senators and Representative to express your support for science.

It’s always a good idea to let your representatives in Congress hear from you. Here are some things you could urge them to support:

  • Support evidence-based policy on the environment, climate change, and technology.
  • Increase funding for scientific research that benefits everyone.
  • Speak out in support of science in the press and on TV, as well as in Congress.

If you live in the South Bend area, your Representative is Jackie Walorski. Her Washington phone number is (202) 225-3915.

Indiana’s Senators are Joe Donnelly and Todd Young. Sen. Donnelly’s Washington phone number is (202) 224-4814. Sen. Young’s is (202) 224-5623.

You can also donate on our GoFundMe page to support next year’s March!

The March is on for 2018!

It’s 2018, and the March for Science is back!

Mark your calendars for the second March for Science South Bend event! The March for Science is a nonpartisan celebration of science. On April 14th, we will be Marching for Science, and then holding a Celebration of Science immediately following. We will begin gathering at 2 pm in Leeper Park, and then march to the Jon R. Hunt Memorial Plaza in front of the Morris Performing Arts Center. A committee of scientists and concerned citizens organized the march, due to recent government policies preventing federal science agencies from sharing their findings, as well as decreases in funding for scientific and educational programs.

The march organizers hope to raise awareness of the ways in which federal science policy matters on the community level. The March for Science South Bend is one of hundreds of satellite marches occurring globally, alongside the march on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on the same day. The mission of March for Science South Bend is to develop awareness of the need for scientific funding, of science education in our local schools, and to foster communication between the public, scientists, and local businesses.

Scheduled Programming:

  • 2-3 PM: Gathering at Leeper Park/Sign Making/T-shirt Pick up and Sales
  • 3-4 PM: MARCH! From Leeper Park to Jon R. Hunt Memorial Plaza
  • 4-5 PM: Invited Speakers! (List to follow)
  • 4-6 PM: Celebration of Science: Information/Teaching Stations/Demos
  • 6 PM-?: Afterparty (location TBD)